More Profit with realtime-3D-visualizations

increase the conversion rate and sales volumes of your products
increase the efficiency of your marketing processes
motivate your customers to engage with the product
bind customers to your brand
reduce the complaint rate

Cost savings through realtime 3D-visualization

You get exactly what you wanted and paid for.

The presentation in realtime enables us to instantly address your modification requests and hand in a new version to await your approval.

Even changes to your requested extra features can be done quickly thanks to our technology.

Combinations of these preformances offer clear cost and time benefits for you, even if you want additional artwork or porting onto your website at a later date.

What is realtime 3D-visualization?

Compared to 3D-rendering, 3D-pictures or a 3D-animation, the user has the abilitiy to interact with the object.
The user can turn it, zoom in and out, but also interact with the object itself and replace/change parts, colours and materials or change the procedures.

The consistency of many materials is hard to comprehend through static images. Our realtime 3D-visualization enables us to display every material realisticly (specially in motion). With our technology, we create interactive product presentation and 3D-konfiguration.

Our realtime Polo configurator is a great example of this.

Possibilities of the realtime 3D-visualization:

  • Interact with your product

  • Interactive profiles, exploded diagrams, function principle-explanation

  • Changes and new features are realizable fast at any time

  • Materials, Colours and Lighting are adjustable in real time

  • Presentable in all Webbrowsers with all functionalities

  • Realtime 3D-configurators

  • No interpolation by big changes, resolution adjustments instead

  • The file size is a fraction of that of a video

  • Usable on websites, pdf-files and as apps for Andriod, iOS and Windows RT

  • Usable as a standalone 3D-application for windows, MacOS and Linux

What we do:

We are specialists in realtime 3D-visualization. We visualize products, processes and projects for all platforms with very high standards in realtime 3D.
Our Team combines expertise in 3D-Picture, 3D-Animation and 3D-Realtime graphic. Mainly comming from the interactive entertainment industry, we are the perfect go-to guys for realtime 3D-visualizations and have the ambition to reflect the feeling of experiencing interactiveness to the product orientated industry.
Along side of these performances, we obviously also offer classic 3D-product and object visualization in Pictures, Videos and Animations.
Realtime 3D-visualization enables you to excite your customers and bind them to your company.
You can find already finished realtime 3D-projects in our Portfolio. Saddly, we aren’t aloud to show all of the realtime projects that we have worked on.

Give us a call!

VisCircle GmbH
Vahrenwalder Straße 207a
30165 Hannover
Tel: +49 (0)511 165 814 812
Fax: +49 (0)511 165 814 819

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